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The Country Chicken
The Chicken Coop

Check out our chicken coop inside and out.

The coop is 8' x 8'. We have standard sized chickens. They need about 2'-3' of floor space per bird. We built our coop in the corner of our polebarn, which was great because it already had a cement floor and two of the outside walls . The roof of the coop also became the loft for more storage. So instead of losing space, we created more.

The Coop
The Coop

It has two windows. They both open for fresh air. We also put fencing over them to keep out the critters, because in the summer it's nice to keep them open.

In the winter, we cover them up with plastic to keep out the drafts. We insulated the walls with styrofoam sheeting and then covered that up with plywood. Chickens love to eat styrofoam!

The coop has electricity in it. Which is very handy for anything from light timers to the light bulb water fountain heater. I also use a light sensor night light. That way when the timer shuts off the light, they can still find their way to the roosts. For more on lighting the coop, check out
the Chicken Care page.

The coop has an extra large door to fit a wheel barrow or the lawn tractor trailer inside the coop for cleaning.

Inside the coop Nestingboxes and Roosts
Inside the coop showing the nestingboxes and roosts

The nesting boxes are located under the roosts. The boxes are about 1 1/2' off from the floor. The top of the nestingboxes make the shelf for the roosting area. The roosts are about 2 1/2' off from the floor. The shelf catches the night's droppings, making it a lot easier for cleaning.

On the shelf I put cat litter, and I use a slotted scoop to separate the droppings from the litter and put it in a bucket. Which I later dump in my garden or out in the woods.

On the floor of the coop, I put down about 6" of woodshavings. A little thinner in the summer, thicker in the winter. They can scratch around in it easily, therefore keeping it dry.

The small pen that is attached to the polebarn is built with welded lengths of black pipe, and the fence is tied on with plastic tie-ons. It measures 10' X 20'. We built an awning over the pen to keep out the rain and snow. In the winter, we wrap the small pen up in plastic to help keep down drafts. So the chickens can still go outside and scratch and dust in the dirt. The plastic will come off in the spring, but the awning will stay on all year. The chickens like to stay under it when it's raining and it gives them protection when there's a hawk or owl around.

We surrounded the whole fenced in area with electric fencing to help keep out the predators.

For more information on the coop and pen area, visit
the Chicken Care page.

large penlarge pen
The large pen

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